Wednesday, 23 July 2014

More Photos

Here are a few more photos from the Sharpsburg game.


Starting positions. Burnside's Bridge to the left.

Looking up the table from the other end .Sharpsburg in the centre.

At the other end of the table. Dunker church in the centre behind the trees.

Rebels defending the Dunker church.

Old hands showing the young how it's done!

Over view of the main table and the Union reserve table to the right.

Fighting near the church was very heavy.

The Union put a lot of pressure on this area, along the sunken road and the northern side of Sharpsburg.

Towards the end of day 1. The very thin grey line was heavily outnumbered and would eventually break.

Just before the breakthrough that ended day 1.


Burnside's Bridge.

A better defence of the town this time.

Union troops start putting the pressure on the defenders.

and even more on gap between Sharpsburg and the sunken road.

Not sure what exactly General Packer is pointing to here, maybe he is just showing me his clean finger nail!!

The Rebels did capture a Union supply wagon containing several barrels of bourbon.

Union troops at the gates to Sharpsburg.

The Union outnumbered the Confederates by about two to one. Looks more than that here.

Brave southern lads.

The Rebels capture Burnside's Bridge.
With the capture of the bridge the second day came to an end.

Thanks for a great weekend guys.


  1. Great looking game fellas I wish I had the room to replicate it.

  2. Right up my street - a nice big game on a lovely big table with very pretty toys.
    Have fun, best wishes,

  3. Great Wargame table!
    The battle is very attractive and surrounded by myth.
    Your miniatures and your scenic elements are superb and give the whole spirit of the ACW.
    See you soon

  4. A great set of photographs- and an incredibly impressive set-up. The scene is obviously very immersive and the structures look to be very realistic. A lot of work in all that!

  5. Fantastic looking table. Looks like a lot of fun

  6. Fantastic looking table. Looks like a lot of fun

  7. Great piece of wargameing ;) Table looks amazing.